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By September 5, 2022 SEO Job Tips

What is one tip for SEO job seekers that want to continue working remotely?

To help you successfully secure a job working remotely as an SEO specialist, we asked SEO professionals, recruiters and hiring managers this question for their best tips. From getting some recommendations to investing in SEO learning and testing, there are several tips to help SEO job seekers land good jobs that would allow them to work remotely.

Here are eight tips these leaders offer for SEO job seekers looking to work remote:

  • Get Some Recommendations
  • Create and Run Your Own Website
  • Ensure You are Aware of the Company’s Remote Work Policies
  • Prioritize Building Your Network Across Social Media
  • Highlight Relevant Skills Related to Working Remotely
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate What You Deserve
  • Register on Digital Hiring Platforms
  • Invest in SEO Learning and Testing

Get Some Recommendations

If you want to continue working remotely as an SEO specialist, prove that you managed it well at your previous job. One of the ways to convince your future employer you’re self-disciplined enough to work without in-office supervision is through recommendations. Ask for them, especially your ex-manager or the head of an SEO department at your previous workplace.

Michal Jonca, Passport Photo Online

Create and Run Your Own Website

Creating and running a side project/website not only allows for opportunities for testing and learning new SEO skills and tactics, but it also can be a portfolio project to show potential employers. By demonstrating that you are continually working on your SEO craft on your own time, you will not only show that you are capable of working and building from home but also that you are a candidate who aims to stay on top of the SEO industry. Not to mention, if the website takes off, it could be a great source of passive income!

Ryan Jacobsen, LaneTerralever

Ensure You are Aware of the Company's Remote Work Policies

The biggest tip for SEO job seekers is to make sure that you are fully aware of the company’s remote work policies. Many companies advertise for remote workers, but when you get to the interview stage, they may say that it’s not possible. You can avoid this by researching the company prior to applying. If they have a website or blog, look for any mention of working remotely and see if they have any information on their website about their remote work policies. If they do not have any information on their website about working remotely, then you can always ask them during your interview process if they allow remote workers or not. This is especially important if you are interviewing with a large company like Google or Microsoft because they will often have a very strict set of requirements as far as working location goes.

Amer Hasovic, Love & Lavender

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Prioritize Building Your Network Across Social Media

It’s super easy for SEO specialists to get obsessed with organic rankings – it’s the nature of the job! But, you’ll often find that you can get much more qualified and higher-converting leads by building your networks across social media. Ultimately, you’re reaching more ‘warmer’ audiences on these platforms – people who already understand SEO, and will be willing to give you a better quality of work. Build your personal brand and focus on networking to reach the people that will actually give you quality work and appreciate you as an SEO freelancer over the long-term.

James Taylor, Digital Tool Report

Highlight Relevant Skills Related to Working Remotely

First and foremost, candidates should ensure their resume is up-to-date and tailored to the remote SEO job they are applying for. Candidates should be prepared to discuss their past experience working remotely and how they were able to complete tasks and projects successfully. By following these tips, job seekers will be better prepared to land a remote SEO job. 

SEO job seekers who want to continue working remotely should highlight any relevant skills or experience working remotely on their resumes and during job interviews. This will show potential employers that they have the ability to work effectively in a remote environment. Candidates should also be prepared to discuss how they would plan and execute SEO campaigns remotely and manage team members who are also working remotely.

Lukasz Zelezny, SEO Consultant London

Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate What You Deserve

Job seekers who are hoping to secure a remote SEO position may be wondering what they can do to set themselves apart from the competition. While there are a number of different things that you can do to improve your chances of landing a remote SEO job, one of the most important is to be willing to negotiate. Many employers are open to the idea of allowing their employees to work remotely, but they may not be willing to pay the same salary as they would for an on-site position. By being willing to negotiate, you can show employers that you’re serious about working remotely and that you’re willing to make concessions in order to get what you want. With a little bit of effort, you can increase your chances of landing the remote SEO position that you’re after.

Divya Karthik, Plumbers Nearby

Register on Digital Hiring Platforms

As an SEO job seeker who wants to work remotely, going digital is the way. The good thing is that there are many digital platforms with clients looking for SEO experts. Make a point of registering on such platforms as Upwork or Fiverr and you will get to be employed by a client over the digital space. You will only need to accomplish the assigned tasks and transmit results through the online space. Payments will also be done through the virtual space hence this will give you the chance you need to work remotely.

Yongming Song, Imgkits- Photo Editor

Invest in SEO Learning and Testing

The best way to demonstrate your SEO ability is keeping up with recent changes in the algorithm, and having personal projects that you can point to as proof of your SEO ability. This involves both investing in personal development via SEO courses and conferences, alongside putting time into personal SEO projects and testing new strategies out on them. Both being able to bring up these personal anecdotes, and demonstrate cutting-edge SEO knowledge in interviews, will help you stand out from other candidates.

Matt Jackson, Matt Jackson SEO Expert

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