SEO Analysts are experts in analytics, keyword metrics, crunching numbers, and discovering what the competition is doing. As the job title implies, SEO analysts are the main tasks with research, data gathering, and analysis.

SEO analysts use a variety of tools to do their job. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools, as it provides detailed information about website traffic and behavior. Other tools that SEO analysts may use include Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Moz, and Searchmetrics.

Daily tasks of an SEO Analyst may include:

-Researching and analyzing competitor websites

-Identifying areas for improvement on assigned websites

-Developing digital marketing plans

-Implementing SEO strategies

-Generating reports detailing findings and recommendations

-Monitoring website traffic and ranking metrics

-Optimizing website content for search engine visibility

-Performing keyword research

What Are The Qualifications To Be An SEO Analyst?

Although not necessary, having a degree in marketing or computers will give you an edge. Although there is no one standard certification in SEO, online courses in analytics and keyword research can benefit those looking to become SEO Analysts.

The most important trait of an SEO Analyst is analytical skills. The ability to take data and find trends, outliers, and develop recommendations from your findings is critical in this role. Being able to clearly communicate these discoveries to those who may not be as data-savvy is also a key skill for an SEO Analyst.

What Is The Career Path For An SEO Analyst?

The career path for an SEO analyst generally starts with a position as a digital marketing assistant or junior SEO analyst. With experience, one can move up to a senior analyst or manager position. There may also be opportunities to specialize in a certain area, such as e-commerce or mobile optimization. Those with extensive experience may eventually become consultants or start their own agencies.

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